Magic! Mirror!

Magic Mirror goes electric.

Magic Mirror goes electric.

Our Robert & The Magic Mirror UCB Spank! was a solid success Monday night. Despite a traditionally unfavorable time for comedy (5:30pm on a Monday), we had a pretty great turn out. I also debuted the updated LED version of the Magic Mirror costume which was a dream of mine since it's initial inception years ago.

L to R: Jeff, Dan, Mirror, Roberto, & Jarret.

We were joined on stage by my pals from the band CityCity to serve as musical accompaniment and Renee Colvert rounding out the cast to make it a very fun, very friendly show of which I was quite proud.  Comedy is fun, but it's always more so when you get to work with fun people. Thanks everyone.

I'll keep you posted on more Mirror goings-ons as they develop.


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