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Sketch Cram at UCB Franklin

"14 hours, 20 people, 1 all-new sketch comedy show written, rehearsed and performed in a single day. It's SKETCH CRAM! Every month UCB's top writers meet on a Saturday morning and begin writing the show from scratch.  UCB's best performers arrive that afternoon and start rehearsing. The show goes up at midnight no matter what! SKETCH CRAM is all the comedy you can cram into a single show in a single day. Featuring 100% new content every month!"
$5. Tickets HERE.

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Best Friends Show with Timothy Simons & Laurie Kilmartin
9:00 PM21:00

Best Friends Show with Timothy Simons & Laurie Kilmartin

I'll be telling/talking through a story with Timothy Simons and ManCamp at the Meltown. Join us for what will inevitably be friends razzing each other in front of other people. Plus, look at that dynamite line-up. SWISH!

$8 in advance, $10 at the door. Click here to buy online.

Our theory: Comedians are never as funny on stage as when they are with their friends.

Our logic: We invite them to tell a story with their best friend.

With stories from:
Brent Weinbach & Adam Schary (Gangster Party Line)
Laurie Kilmartin (Conan) & Cheryl Holliday (King of the Hill, The Real O'Neals)
Timothy Simons (Veep) & MANCAMP (Jay Ashenfelter, Matt Moore, Kevin Manwarren & Robert Boesel)

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10:30 PM22:30

The Sound Of Silence 2.0

Doing some physical comedy again at this show. You should come. The first one was a blast. It's going to be great. Only $5.
Get tickets here:

"Talk is cheap and we don't need words to do comedy! Come take a trip back in comedic time with The Sound of Silence.
The Sound of Silence is a completely silent, non-verbal comedy experience. Not one word will be spoken."

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5:30 PM17:30

Robert & The Magic Mirror at UCB Sunset

Robert & The Magic Mirror is making it's highly anticipated (depending on who you ask) return!
We'll be running a new and improved episode of Deep Space Nein! directed by Becky Feldman. This show's got it all: Robert, the Magic Mirror, creepy Richard Branson, and a sassy super computer. Featuring live musical accompaniment from our pals in CityCity.
Come see our Spank show. $5.


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5:00 PM17:00

JFL Character Showcase Final

Performing a few characters in consideration for the Montreal Just For Laughs comedy festival. This is the final audition for the "New Faces" category so it will be a solid set of great character performers.
5pm is a tough slot on a Monday, but if you can make it out, it should be a hoot.
Come check it out, friend.

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